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M.D. said:

“It’s amazing how much God has used me since I’ve been with Destiny Ministries Int’l. The teaching here has equipped me to go deeper in God, identify my gifts and execute God’s plans to set people free and be healed.

The adventures we experience here are phenomenal! During our Israel mission in 2006, I prayed for Maria, a 6 year old girl, who was a victim of a missile that hit her family car.  She survived, but she was paralyzed from her neck down.  In 2009, she made national news and was featured in the NY Times, and in 2013 she received a miraculous surgery that gave her the ability to speak and smell without a ventilator and mobility.”

2009 NY Times article:

2013 New York Daily News article:

A.L. and R.L. said:

“To us, D.M.I means living a limitless life by way of the Gospel of Christ. Since becoming members of Destiny Ministries Int’l. we celebrate every moment we are reminded of being involved in such a special ministry. Pastor Laurice A. Brown is the perfect person chosen for her call in life. A leader of men, tireless in her love walk for others, a master teacher of the true word of the Gospel and has a remarkable and welcoming sense of humor to boot. We are proud to call her our Pastor, Shepard, spiritual mother as she continues to help guide and nurture our growth. Pastor Laurice’s courtesy, integrity and character are contagious to the members at Destiny. Our experience has taught us that if you haven’t caught on to it yet, stay awhile, and it shall.”