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Miriam Hellman Prophetic Ministries

The Vision of God given to Miriam Hellman for Prophetic Ministries


PROPHETIC MINISTRIES is called as an Apostolic Church commissioned by God for the proclamation of the full gospel of Jesus Christ.


PROPHETIC MINISTRIES is charged with the ministry and message of Jesus to the church at large, as expressed in Jesus’ messages to the seven churches of Asia Minor. The messages to the churches in Revelation have both universal application to spiritual characteristics of particular churches, as well as individual application to different people in the same church. The development of overcoming churches as well as individuals is our primary interest. God has given Miriam Hellman the ability to perfect a true overcomer, described in the Bible as one who is capable of doing exploits for God. Overcomers are those who run for the prize and go for the gold.


PROPHETIC MINISTRIES ministers to the universal body of Christ, both in America and abroad, preparing Christ’s body to become purified and perfected for the day of His return. The second and equally important role Prophetic Ministries is called to fulfill is the Great Commission.


PROPHETIC MINISTRIES has accepted the Holy Spirit’s challenge to preach the Gospel to every creature. As the apostles in the Book of Acts entered the world stage for the purpose of preaching the message of salvation in Jesus alone, so too Prophetic Ministries addresses world audiences today.


As an END-TIME MINISTRY, Prophetic Ministries addresses the church and the world, declaring the judgment and mercy of God to all people. Prophetic Ministries addresses the issues of today in the most spiritually relevant and prophetic way through books, audio albums, and conferences.


END-TIME MINISTRY must be characterized by engaging in world harvest through the supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit evidenced by signs, wonders and miracles demonstrated through faith in Jesus Christ and His Name.